New book cover

The image on the left is the new book cover. The book is available online at

Barnes and Noble-


The book will be in stores after September 20th, 2016.

Twenty-six years pass, Deanna moves back to the town where she grew up – back where her secret began and her life changed forever.

She receives a call from the police. Both her sister and her son are in hospital, critically injured in a car accident.

Sitting with her unconscious son, Deanna meets the doctor. Recognition flashes through her mind. There is something uncannily familiar about her. Could the doctor be her daughter? But she died minutes after her birth – or so she had been told?

An old friend is murdered and Deanna receives a note telling her to leave or she will suffer the same fate. What transpired all those years ago? And who is the mysterious woman she glimpses as she drives by her sister’s house?

Will Deanna ever allow herself to be loved and let go of the past? Or will her search for the answers lead to her death?

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