Writing your first book.

I remember my first book that I was writing, and I couldn’t decide how I was going to tell the story. Whether in first person, which would have been closer to my heart and I’m not sure if I could let those close to me know all of what I went through with my ex-husband in the book BROKEN PROMISES. Or in third person, which is what I ended up writing it in.

I think I went through the book three or four times, changing the POV (Point Of View), finally settling on third person. Although, the story is 75% true, I threw in some murder to make the book a mystery.

The story tells my readers of what I went through in a mystery setting instead of a memoir.

If I were to rewrite the book, would I change the POV?
Probably yes because first person POV is my best writing and I can get all the emotion in the book that it deserves.


It was a hard book to write about what went on in my life with an alcoholic, and it’s something I don’t want to continue remembering. I have started a new life with my daughter and my new husband.

I do have to admit when I was writing the book, it made me sit back and wonder how I made it through all those times, and all those years with him. Part of me wonder if I was that stupid or naive. Most anyone who loves someone will only see what they want to see inside the relationship. I felt at times that I couldn’t make it without him, but that was a foolish thought as I was the only one working and who brought in the money. I knew I just had to do it. I had to get my 5 year old daughter out of that house and into a more stable one.

I don’t want to go telling you the whole book, so here is the link if you want to check it out of any of my other books.


broken promises_small

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