What do you do when you come across a book you really just don’t like? You don’t want to leave a bad review, but you also don’t want to lie about liking the book. Is it best to just give a one star and leave no reason why? I guess there just comes a time when you must turn your head the other way. Some websites give you the option on whether you want to leave a review. I know that reviews help with the product/book, but to give a bad review may or may not hurt the author just the same. I would say it would be up to the person who had trudge through a bad book, or even a great book, to whether they want to leave a review. I believe it’s up to the reader to do what they feel is right.

I have received another 5 star review for my latest book “Family Secrets”, ‘Secrets and Second Chances’, Book 1. Though, I feel I should let people know that this series will not continue with the story of the first book, but will start a new journey with a character mentioned in the book before it. Which if my readers are interested, will be Carla Michaels. If you recall part of her story, she has a baby at 6 months into her pregnancy. There will be questions needing answered and many many secrets to be revealed when you reach the end of the book. The title of Book 2 of the series is called “HIDDEN SECRETS”, ‘Secrets and Second Chances’, Book 2.

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