So many books…So little time…

The past year I have accumulated over 700 books, heck maybe more, on three different apps on my iPad that is not counting the books I buy at Barnes and Noble.
So, last year I decided I was going to read two different books, and listen to an audiobook to get through them, all at once. Plus, I have been working on Book 2 in the “Secrets and Second Chances Series”.
I also set a goal to read 100 books this year and have read nearly 30 in the past three months. I’m not bragging, really I’m not. I actually don’t know how I do it.
I’d like to leave reviews on my blog, but I’m not much of a reviewer. At least not the kind that write extremely long reviews that have the summary at the beginning. I either like the book or I don’t. If I don’t like it, I won’t leave a review. Here’s why:
*I’m an author, so I know what it takes to write a book and have to read through it 10 -15 – 20 times before it may even see an editor.
*The grueling hours that one puts into writing the book, and already thinking that it’s crap…
* If you really have to tell the author something negative about the their book, then you should write them personally. This way, it doesn’t get a bad mark, just because you really didn’t connect with the book, doesn’t mean it wasn’t well written and you leave a 1 star because the book just wasn’t your kind of book. I don’t think that’s what the stars are for, but I could be wrong.
* And what I’ve been told since birth, “If you ain’t got nothing nice to say, then don’t say nothing at all!”

Here’s another thought: I read books to escape the world I’m in, not to read and find every freaking error the book can possibly have. I have read many reviews left to best selling authors and I have read those books myself. To me, I don’t see a reason to tell people just how many errors the book has. Read the book to enjoy reading, not to point out all the errors, which can be easy to miss after reading through your manuscript for the millionth time. Even editors miss errors, and proofreaders too.
I’ve read a lot of books, and every single one has some mistakes in them. There small, yes, nothing to rock the authors boat about.
Do best-selling authors even care if you like their book or not? Heck, they sell so many and have thousands of reviews that they may or may not read them.
I love reading what my readers have to say, even the bad reviews. Because the bad reviews are there to give you insight on what you need to work on, but there are good things to bad reviews and not so good things.
Critically down-grading an author and their work shouldn’t be left in reviews. It’s almost like bullying. But… Freedom of SPEECH! To a point!

I guess I had more to say than I thought I did when I started this blog for today. lol
Hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

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